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About 100 Aliens Cats

100 Aliens Cats is a delightful adventure game that combines the whimsical theme of alien worlds with the universally adored charm of cats. Players are invited to explore a series of hand-drawn, alien-themed locations in search of 100 hidden cats. The game promises a visually appealing experience with its unique art style and a fun challenge for players to find all the cats scattered across the alien landscapes.

Features of 100 Aliens Cats

- Alien-Themed Locations: Explore a variety of imaginative alien worlds, each with its own unique design and challenges.

- Charming Hand-Drawn Artwork: Enjoy a visually appealing game with detailed and colorful hand-drawn graphics that bring the alien settings and cats to life.

- Search for Hidden Cats: Engage in a rewarding scavenger hunt to find all 100 cats, each adding a layer of discovery and excitement to the gameplay.

Release Date of 100 Aliens Cats

9 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on9 Jun, 2024
Developer100 Cozy Games
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