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About 12 Hours Museum

12 Hours Museum is an immersive 3D exploration adventure game that plunges players into the mysterious confines of a museum. The primary objective is to uncover 45 hidden anomalies scattered throughout the museum's exhibits, using a mystical pocket watch to aid in your quest. Each discovered anomaly can be revisited, offering a unique gameplay experience that encourages thorough exploration and puzzle-solving. Completing the game's multiple endings and executing specific actions unlocks an additional mode, adding replayability and depth to the adventure.

Features of 12 Hours Museum

- Mystical Pocket Watch: Utilize a special pocket watch to locate and interact with 45 anomalies, each providing a glimpse into the museum's enigmatic history.

- Revisitable Anomalies: Once an anomaly is found, players can revisit and re-experience it, enhancing the narrative and gameplay depth.

- Multiple Endings: The game features multiple endings based on the player's discoveries and actions, encouraging multiple playthroughs to achieve them all.

- Extra Mode Unlock: By collecting all endings and performing certain in-game operations, players unlock an extra mode, offering new challenges and content.

Release Date of 12 Hours Museum

24 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on24 Jun, 2024