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About 30XX

30XX is an exhilarating roguelike action platformer that invites players to jump, shoot, and slash their way through a series of lush, ever-changing worlds. This game not only challenges solo players but also supports cooperative play, allowing friends to explore together. With its precise platforming mechanics combined with fevered combat, players must destroy fearsome Guardians and master unique Powers to rediscover the mysteries of a thousand years lost.

Features of 30XX

- Co-op Play: Engage in the adventure with a friend, enhancing the gameplay experience through shared exploration and combat.

- Dynamic Worlds: Each playthrough offers a new configuration of lush environments, ensuring a fresh experience with every session.

- Intense Combat: Featuring fast-paced, action-packed battles against formidable Guardians that test your reflexes and strategy.

- Unique Powers: Master a variety of special abilities that can be customized to fit your playstyle, adding depth to character development.

- Roguelike Elements: Incorporates classic roguelike features such as permadeath and procedural generation, adding replayability and challenge.

Release Date of 30XX

9 Aug, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on9 Aug, 2023
DeveloperBatterystaple Games
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