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About 3D Flash Animator

3D Flash Animator is a powerful software tool that provides all the necessary features to create Flash animations and games for web pages. With its comprehensive set of tools, users can design captivating animations, incorporate vector graphics, apply various effects and transitions, and develop interactive menus and buttons.

Key Feature

1.Vector Graphics and Effects
3D Flash Animator offers a wide range of vector graphics capabilities, allowing users to create visually appealing animations. The software supports gradients, textures, 3D effects, and shadows, enabling the creation of dynamic and immersive visual elements. Users can leverage these features to design eye-catching graphics that enhance the overall quality of their Flash animations.

2.Text Effects and Transitions
The software includes a robust text editing system that supports both 2D and 3D text. Users can apply a variety of text effects and transitions, including motion blur, to add visual interest and impact to their animations. These text effects allow for creative typography and enhance the visual storytelling aspect of Flash projects.

3.Game Development and Animation
3D Flash Animator provides tools for game development, incorporating velocity and acceleration features. Users can create interactive games with dynamic motion and realistic physics. Additionally, the software offers advanced features such as complete Flash MX action scripting, allowing for complex interactivity and animation control. These capabilities enable users to create engaging and interactive games using the software.

4.Improved Performance and Interface
Version 4.9 of 3D Flash Animator brings several enhancements to the software. It is faster, more reliable, and uses less memory, resulting in a smoother and more efficient user experience. The update also addresses bugs and issues present in previous versions, ensuring a more stable and reliable platform. Furthermore, the improved interface offers a more intuitive and user-friendly workspace, facilitating an easier and more streamlined animation creation process.

5.Trial Limitations
While 3D Flash Animator offers a 7-day trial period for users to explore its features, it should be noted that exporting Flash animations is disabled after the trial period. To fully utilize the software and export their creations, users would need to purchase the full version. However, the trial period still allows users to explore and evaluate the varied features and capabilities of the software.

In summary, 3D Flash Animator provides a robust set of tools and features for creating engaging Flash animations and games. With its support for vector graphics, extensive text effects and transitions, game development capabilities, advanced scripting, improved performance, and user-friendly interface, the software offers a comprehensive solution for users looking to design visually stunning and interactive Flash projects.

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Updated onMarch 26, 2009
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