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About A Total War Saga: TROY - Amazons

A Total War Saga: TROY - Amazons is an expansion pack for the strategy game A Total War Saga: TROY, developed by Creative Assembly. This expansion introduces the legendary Amazons, a warrior society of women, into the epic historical and mythological setting of the Trojan War. Players can experience new narrative possibilities, command unique units, and engage in strategic warfare within the rich tapestry of ancient Greece.

Features of A Total War Saga: TROY - Amazons

- New Faction: Amazon Warriors - Lead the fierce Amazon faction, known for their unique units and distinct playstyle, challenging the patriarchal norms of the ancient world.

- Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics - Explore new strategic options and gameplay mechanics tailored to the Amazon faction, including unique diplomatic and combat capabilities.

- Mythological Depth - Dive deeper into the mythological aspects of the Trojan War, interacting with legendary figures and mythological events in a way that only the Amazons can.

- Expanded Campaign Map - Experience an enriched campaign map with new territories and strategic locations, offering fresh challenges and opportunities for conquest.

Release Date of A Total War Saga: TROY - Amazons

2 Sep, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on2 Sep, 2021
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