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About A Way Out

A Way Out is a unique cooperative adventure game that immerses players in the roles of two prisoners, Leo and Vincent, who must work together to escape from prison and evade authorities. Developed by Hazelight Studios and directed by Josef Fares, this game emphasizes teamwork and narrative-driven gameplay, making it a standout title in the co-op gaming genre.

Features of A Way Out

- Exclusive Co-op Mode: Players must collaborate closely, each controlling one of the two protagonists, to navigate through the challenges and puzzles of the game.

- Narrative-Driven Story: The game offers a compelling and emotional story that unfolds through the interactions and decisions made by the two characters, enhancing the co-op experience.

- Dynamic Gameplay: Features a variety of gameplay styles including stealth, action, and driving sequences, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

- Shared Screen Experience: Despite playing online or locally, the game is designed to be experienced on a single screen, fostering a more intimate and connected gameplay experience.

Release Date of A Way Out

23 Mar, 2018

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on23 Mar, 2018
DeveloperHazelight Studios
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