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About Active@ ISO Burner

Active@ ISO Burner is an easy-to-use, dialog-based software designed for burning CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images compliant with the ISO 9660 standard. This freeware application provides users with a simple and efficient way to burn ISO image files to various disc formats, ensuring that their data is safely stored and easily accessible.

Key Feature

1: Wide Range of Disc Format Support
Active@ ISO Burner supports a wide range of disc formats, including CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DL DVD+RW, HD DVD, and Blu-ray discs. This extensive compatibility ensures that users can burn their ISO image files to the disc format that best suits their needs.

2: Automatic Burning and Configuration
The software supports automatic burning, allowing users to specify the burning mode (TAO, SAO, DAO) and the number of copies to be created. This feature simplifies the burning process and ensures that users can efficiently create multiple copies of their ISO image files.

3: Full-Text Log Display
Active@ ISO Burner displays a full-text log with information about the operations performed, errors encountered, and progress updates. This feature allows users to monitor the burning process and quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

4: Post-Burn Operation Configurations
The software supports various post-burn operation configurations, such as verify, eject, and shut down PC. These options enable users to customize their burning process and ensure that their discs are properly verified and safely ejected upon completion.

5: Test Mode Burning
Active@ ISO Burner also supports test mode burning, allowing users to test their ISO image files before committing them to a disc. This feature helps users ensure that their data is correctly formatted and error-free before proceeding with the actual burning process.

In conclusion, Active@ ISO Burner is an easy-to-use and efficient software for burning ISO image files to CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs compliant with the ISO 9660 standard. With its wide range of disc format support, automatic burning and configuration, full-text log display, post-burn operation configurations, and test mode burning, Active@ ISO Burner provides users with a reliable and user-friendly solution for safely storing and accessing their data on various disc formats.

Reviewed by Paula L. White


Updated onAugust 18, 2020
DeveloperActive Data Recovery Software
Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

Old Versions

Active@ ISO Burner4.0.3.0
August 18, 2020
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How to download and Install Active@ ISO Burner on Windows PC

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