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About Adobe After Effects CS5.5

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is a powerful software designed for creating groundbreaking motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects for various platforms, including broadcast, film, online, and mobile devices. With its advanced features and capabilities, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 allows users to bring their creative ideas to life and deliver high-quality productions.

Key Feature

1: Versatile Compatibility and Integration
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 enables users to work with footage of virtually any size and format, photographs, and 3D renders, alongside text, vector artwork, and music. This versatility ensures seamless integration and compatibility with various media types, allowing users to create dynamic and engaging motion graphics and visual effects.

2: Native 64-bit Operating System Support
The software offers native 64-bit operating system support, allowing users to handle complex compositing projects with increased efficiency. This feature ensures smooth and responsive performance, even when working with large and resource-intensive projects.

3: Professional Effects and Animation Presets
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 provides users with professional effects, hundreds of animation presets, precise tracking and keying controls, and professional color support. These features enable users to create polished and high-quality productions that stand out in the competitive world of motion graphics and visual effects.

4: Advanced Animation and Interactivity
The software allows users to craft sophisticated, professional animations that can be rendered as FLV files for their websites. Additionally, users can import their entire composition into Adobe Flash Professional, where they can add interactivity to their projects, enhancing the overall user experience.

5: Streamlined Workflow and Collaboration
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is designed to streamline the workflow and enhance collaboration among team members. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset, users can efficiently create, edit, and share their motion graphics and visual effects projects, ensuring a smooth and productive working experience.

In conclusion, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is a powerful and versatile software for creating stunning motion graphics and visual effects for various platforms. With its compatibility and integration capabilities, native 64-bit operating system support, professional effects and animation presets, advanced animation and interactivity features, and streamlined workflow, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is an essential tool for professionals in the broadcast, film, and digital media industries.

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Updated onApril 29, 2010
DeveloperAdobe Systems
Operating systemWindows, Windows Vista, Windows 7