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About Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and versatile vector graphics software used by design professionals worldwide. It offers a comprehensive suite of sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, and time-saving features that enable users to create distinctive vector artwork for any project. As a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, Illustrator provides seamless integration with other Adobe applications and a connected creative experience.

Key Feature
1: Advanced Drawing Tools

Adobe Illustrator boasts precision and power with its sophisticated drawing tools, allowing users to create intricate vector artwork with ease. These tools enable designers to create complex shapes, paths, and illustrations with exceptional control and accuracy.

2: Expressive Natural Brushes

Illustrator offers a wide range of expressive natural brushes that enable users to create stunning and realistic artwork. These brushes can emulate various media, such as watercolor, oil, and charcoal, providing a versatile creative experience for artists and designers.

3: Touch Type Tool

The new Touch Type tool in Adobe Illustrator gives users even more control over typography. Users can move, scale, and rotate individual characters while maintaining the ability to change the font or edit the text at any time. This feature allows for a higher level of creativity and flexibility when working with type.

4: Seamless Integration with Creative Cloud

Adobe Illustrator CC is part of the Creative Cloud, providing seamless integration with other Adobe applications and allowing users to share work directly from within the software. Users can also sync colors from Adobe Kuler and fonts from Adobe Typekit, creating a connected and efficient creative workflow.

5: Enhanced Web Design Capabilities

Illustrator makes designing for the web easier by allowing users to quickly copy and paste automatically generated CSS code. This feature streamlines the process of creating web-ready graphics and ensures compatibility with modern web standards.

In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator is an essential tool for design professionals seeking precision, power, and versatility in their vector graphics software. With its advanced drawing tools, expressive natural brushes, Touch Type tool, seamless integration with Creative Cloud, and enhanced web design capabilities, Illustrator empowers users to create stunning and distinctive artwork for any project.

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Updated onMay 7, 2013
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