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About Alien Arena: Combat Edition

Alien Arena: Combat Edition is a fast-paced, multiplayer online deathmatch game that offers players an immersive and action-packed gaming experience. With its smooth gameplay, advanced graphics, numerous levels, and various game modes, Alien Arena delivers endless replayability and intense competition for fans of the genre.

Key Feature

1: Smooth and Fast Gameplay
Alien Arena features incredibly smooth and fast gameplay, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the action-packed deathmatch experience. The game's responsive controls and fluid movement mechanics make it enjoyable for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

2: Advanced Graphics and Effects
The game boasts advanced graphics and effects, including ragdoll physics, real-time per-pixel and per-vertex lighting and shadows, skeletal models, lens flares, light bloom, weather, and GLSL shader effects on all surfaces. These cutting-edge visuals create a highly immersive gaming environment, further enhancing the player experience.

3: Over 60 Levels and Ten Weapons
Alien Arena includes over 60 levels and ten weapons (with alt-fire modes), providing players with a wide variety of maps and arsenals to choose from. This extensive content ensures that players can continually discover new challenges and strategies, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

4: Multiple Game Modes and Mutators
With game modes such as Team Core Assault, Tactical, Cattle Prod, Duel, Deathball, Capture the Flag, and All-Out Assault, as well as numerous game mutators, Alien Arena offers an endless replayability factor. These diverse game modes cater to different playstyles and preferences, ensuring that players can always find a mode that suits their taste.

5: In-Game Server Browser and IRC Client
Alien Arena features an in-game server browser and IRC client, making it easy for players to find and join online matches with others. This seamless integration of online connectivity ensures that players can quickly jump into the action and enjoy the game's thrilling multiplayer experience.

In conclusion, Alien Arena: Combat Edition is a captivating multiplayer online deathmatch game that offers smooth and fast gameplay, advanced graphics and effects, a wide variety of levels and weapons, multiple game modes and mutators, and integrated online connectivity. With its endless replayability factor and intense competition, Alien Arena is a must-play for fans of the deathmatch genre.

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Updated onSeptember 4, 2013
DeveloperCOR Entertainment
Operating systemWindows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

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