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About Alien Hominid HD

Alien Hominid HD is a vibrant and action-packed 2D side-scrolling shooter developed by The Behemoth. The game follows the adventures of a quirky alien who has crash-landed on Earth and must battle against a secret government agency to reclaim his stolen spaceship. Armed with a powerful blaster and aided by a group of mysterious kids, the player must navigate through various levels filled with enemies and obstacles, all while evading the relentless pursuit of government forces.

Features of Alien Hominid HD

- Classic 2D Side-Scrolling Action: Engage in fast-paced, retro-style gameplay that challenges players to dodge bullets and enemies while blasting their way through each level.

- Unique Art Style: Enjoy the distinctive hand-drawn art style that gives Alien Hominid HD a quirky and memorable visual identity.

- Cooperative Play: Team up with friends in cooperative multiplayer modes, where additional players can join as the mysterious kids to help in the fight against the agency.

- Challenging Boss Fights: Face off against a series of memorable and challenging boss characters, each with their own unique attack patterns and weaknesses.

- Varied Gameplay Mechanics: Experience a mix of shooting, platforming, and puzzle-solving elements that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging throughout.

Release Date of Alien Hominid HD

1 Nov, 2023

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on1 Nov, 2023
DeveloperThe Behemoth
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