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About Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition

Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition is a feature-rich XML editor and XML development environment that sets the industry standard. With its intuitive editing views and powerful utilities, XMLSpy enables rapid modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging of XML-related technologies. It utilizes RaptorXML for lightning-fast validation and processing, ensuring efficient XML handling.

Key Features

1.Comprehensive XML Editing
XMLSpy includes the world's most popular XML editor, providing a wide range of editing capabilities. It offers intuitive editing views that simplify the process of working with XML files. Users can easily create, modify, and validate XML documents, ensuring adherence to XML standards and specifications.

2.Graphical XML Schema Editor
The built-in graphical XML Schema editor in XMLSpy allows users to efficiently design and document complex schemas. With support for XML Schema 1.0/1.1, users can create structured and versatile schemas. Additional features such as schema flattening and subset creation enhance flexibility and customization.

3.Smart Fix Validation and Troubleshooting
XMLSpy introduces Smart Fix validation, revolutionizing the error reporting and troubleshooting process. It not only identifies XML validation errors, but also suggests one-click options to fix them. This feature streamlines the debugging process, saving time and effort.

4.Advanced XSLT Editor and Debugger
XMLSpy provides a schema-aware XSLT editor and debugger, supporting versions 1.0/2.0/3.0. Users can perfect their stylesheets and effortlessly debug XSLT transformations. The editor supports various programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, and VBScript, making it versatile and adaptable.

5.Comprehensive XML Data Handling
XMLSpy offers extensive support for working with XML data. It includes an XPath Builder/Evaluator and intelligent auto-completion functionality to assist in building and testing XPath expressions. Users can evaluate XPath expressions against multiple files, facilitating efficient data querying. Additionally, the software provides a schema-aware XQuery editor and debugger for intelligent XML data querying.

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Updated onDecember 17, 2019
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Altova XMLSpy Professional Edition for PC
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