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About Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner excels in quickly locating the IP addresses of all devices connected to a specified network. By scanning a predetermined range of IP addresses, it effectively identifies which computers respond to the request, thereby listing active devices on the network. This rapid detection not only saves time but also simplifies network management tasks, providing administrators with immediate visibility into the devices present on their network.

Key Feature

1.Port Discovery
Beyond identifying active IP addresses, Angry IP Scanner offers the capability to detect open ports on discovered systems. This feature is particularly useful for network security, as it allows administrators to identify potential vulnerabilities and take necessary precautions. The program's ability to scan and display open ports helps in auditing the network security posture and ensuring that appropriate firewall rules are in place.

2.Versatile Network Interactions
Once a device is identified, Angry IP Scanner provides users with a set of actions that can be performed on that system, subject to user permissions. Whether it's accessing shared files, connecting to web or FTP servers, initiating a ping, or launching a Telnet session, the application streamlines these processes. This functionality enhances productivity by allowing quick and easy interaction with other machines on the network directly from the scanner interface.

3.Detailed Device Insights
Angry IP Scanner goes beyond mere IP detection by offering a glimpse into more in-depth details about the detected computers. It can reveal valuable information such as the device's hostname, the group it's associated with, and its MAC address. This additional data can be crucial for network inventory, troubleshooting, and ensuring the correct devices are connected to the network.

In summary, Angry IP Scanner is a robust and user-friendly tool that provides swift and accurate network scanning capabilities. From identifying IP addresses and open ports to enabling direct interactions with networked devices, it is built to enhance the efficiency of network management. Its ability to provide detailed device insights further adds to its utility, making it an indispensable tool for network administrators and IT professionals.

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated onFeb 13, 2023

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