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APE OUT is a unique and exhilarating game that falls into the category of a smash ‘em up. The game is set in a stylized world where players take on the role of an escaped ape, navigating through various environments filled with obstacles and enemies. The core gameplay revolves around primal escape tactics, rhythmic violence, and is accompanied by a frenetic jazz soundtrack, creating an immersive and intense experience.

Features of APE OUT

- Intense Gameplay: Engage in a high-energy, fast-paced experience as you smash through enemies and obstacles.

- Colorful Stylization: Enjoy a visually striking game with vibrant, bold graphics that enhance the chaotic atmosphere.

- Rhythmic Violence: The combat mechanics are tied to a rhythmic system, making each encounter feel like a dance of destruction.

- Frenetic Jazz Soundtrack: The game is accompanied by an energetic jazz soundtrack that perfectly complements the action on screen.

- Primal Escape Theme: Navigate through levels designed to reflect a primal, survival-based escape scenario.

- Unique Art Style: The game features a distinctive art style that sets it apart from traditional smash ‘em ups.

Release Date of APE OUT

28 Feb, 2019

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on28 Feb, 2019
DeveloperGabe Cuzzillo
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