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About Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is the official software for managing audio media on various Apple devices, offering users access to a vast library of media, including music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks. With a simplified interface and easy synchronization, iTunes ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for users across multiple devices, including iOS and Android.

Key Feature

1: Extensive Media Library
iTunes offers over 50 million songs and more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. For those with Apple TV 4K, a variety of 4K media is available to choose from. Users can also download purchased content for offline viewing, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

2: Simplified Interface
The current iTunes interface is clean and crisp, placing the media at the center stage and offering numerous options and choices without cluttering the screen. This user-friendly design makes it easy for users to navigate the software and access their desired content.

3: Easy Browsing and Search
iTunes makes it simple to browse and search for content, with various categories and filters available for movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Users can explore popular charts, genres, and ratings, ensuring that they can quickly find what they're looking for.

4: Easy Synchronization and Access
With iTunes, users can easily create music playlists and listen to them on any device, ensuring a seamless listening experience across multiple platforms. Additionally, the "Library" button provides quick access to all purchased content within the different media sections of the app.

5: Preview Songs and Free Trial
iTunes allows users to preview songs before purchasing, with 90-second previews available to help users decide if they like a particular track. The software also offers a free three-month trial for Apple Music, enabling users to explore the service's ad-free listening and streaming features.

In conclusion, Apple iTunes is a comprehensive and user-friendly software for managing audio media on various devices, offering an extensive media library, simplified interface, easy browsing and search, seamless synchronization, and preview options. With its family sharing feature and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, iTunes is an ideal solution for users seeking a versatile and enjoyable media management experience.

Reviewed by Yasmin Souza Ferreira


Updated onJuly 7, 2020
Operating systemWindows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10