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About Apple QuickTime

Apple QuickTime is a versatile media player that allows you to play videos stored on your hard drive and stream content from online sources. Despite showing its age, QuickTime remains a usable option, especially when combined with additional codecs and plug-ins to enhance its functionality.

Key Feature
1: Familiar Interface and Easy to Use

Apple QuickTime features a familiar media player layout that users are accustomed to, making it easy to navigate and use. While movies don't start automatically when opened, this default setting can be changed in the software's preferences.

2: Streaming Support

QuickTime enables users to stream content by supplying the URL of the video source, as long as the destination is a video in a supported format. This feature allows users to stream live feeds and online content seamlessly.

3: Plug-in Support

Apple QuickTime offers support for 11 plug-ins that can extend its capabilities. These plug-ins range from basic codec packs and audio visualizers to apps that enable users to view and interact with 3D objects instead of simply playing a movie.

4: Compatibility with Additional Codecs

While some video formats may not be natively supported by QuickTime, installing third-party codecs can expand the range of movie formats that the software can play. This ensures a more versatile and adaptable media player experience.

5: Comprehensive Features in the Pro Version

While the free version of Apple QuickTime offers basic functionality, upgrading to the Pro version unlocks additional features such as looping a section of a video, trimming movies, and combining multiple videos.

However, it's worth noting that Apple QuickTime may consume more resources than some other video players, and users may need to install additional codecs for certain video formats. In light of these limitations, alternative media players such as VLC, KM Player, or Media Player Classic may be more suitable for those seeking a more efficient and versatile media player.

In conclusion, Apple QuickTime is a capable media player that offers a familiar interface, streaming support, and plug-in compatibility. Although it may require additional codecs and resources, QuickTime remains a viable option for users seeking a simple and reliable media player for their video content.

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Updated onJanuary 11, 2016
Operating systemWindows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7