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About Arachnophilia

Arachnophilia is a robust HTML editor and the successor to the popular WebThing. With its wide range of features, this application offers users the ability to import and convert RTF documents, create tables and outlines, and develop websites in various programming languages such as Perl, C++, Java, and JavaScript. Alongside its comprehensive capabilities, Arachnophilia incorporates a built-in intelligent FTP client, customizable toolbars, and a user-friendly multiple-document interface.

Key Features

1. RTF Import and Conversion
Arachnophilia enables users to import RTF (Rich Text Format) documents and seamlessly convert them to HTML. This feature streamlines the process of transferring content from other Windows 95-compliant applications to HTML, ensuring compatibility and preserving formatting.

2. Versatile Web Development Support
Arachnophilia provides extensive support for web development, including compatibility with up to six web browsers. It also integrates support for CGI (Common Gateway Interface), frames, and enables development in programming languages such as Perl, C++, Java, and JavaScript. This diverse range of capabilities caters to the needs of developers working on various web projects.

3. Built-in FTP Client and Automatic Upload
With its built-in intelligent FTP client, Arachnophilia simplifies the process of transferring files to a web server. Users can conveniently upload changed files automatically, saving time and effort in updating website content. This feature ensures efficient synchronization between local development and the live website.

4. User-Defined Templates and Customizable Toolbars
Arachnophilia allows users to create their own templates, providing a foundation for consistent website design and layout. Additionally, the software offers customizable toolbars that can be tailored to include frequently used HTML tags. This customization feature enhances productivity by providing quick access to commonly used elements.

5. Multiple-Document Interface with Drag-and-Drop Support
The multiple-document interface in Arachnophilia allows users to work with multiple files simultaneously, improving efficiency and organization. The software supports full drag-and-drop capabilities, making it easy to rearrange and manage files within the interface.

In addition to these key features, Arachnophilia includes built-in tutorials on HTML development, JavaScript, frames, and the internet. These tutorials provide users with valuable resources to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in web development.

Arachnophilia is a powerful HTML editor that offers an array of features to facilitate efficient web development. From RTF import and conversion to extensive web language support and built-in FTP functionality, this application provides a comprehensive toolset for website creation. The user-defined templates, customizable toolbars, multiple-document interface, and helpful tutorials further contribute to Arachnophilia's appeal as a versatile and user-friendly HTML editor.

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Updated onJuly 22, 2013
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Arachnophilia5.5 build 2809
July 22, 2013
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Develop Web pages which supports CGI, frames, Perl, C++, and Java.
5.5 build 2809
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