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About Army Men RTS

Army Men RTS is a real-time strategy game that nostalgically revisits the childhood pastime of commanding tiny plastic soldiers in backyard battles. Developed by The 3DO Company, this game allows players to take control of the Green Army, commanding them through various missions and campaigns against the Tan Army. The game combines classic toy soldier themes with strategic gameplay, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and tactical depth.

Features of Army Men RTS

- Real-Time Strategy: Engage in dynamic battles where you command your green soldiers in real-time, planning attacks and defenses strategically.

- Classic Toy Themes: Experience the charm of playing with plastic soldiers, now in a digital format, complete with familiar toy-like environments and physics.

- Varied Missions: Undertake a series of missions that range from reconnaissance to full-scale assaults, each requiring different strategies and resources.

- Resource Management: Collect and manage resources to build and upgrade your army, ensuring you have the necessary tools to defeat the Tan Army.

- Interactive Environment: Utilize the backyard environment to your advantage, setting traps and using natural barriers to outsmart your opponents.

Release Date of Army Men RTS

28 Mar, 2002

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on28 Mar, 2002
DeveloperPandemic Studios