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About Ashampoo UnInstaller

Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 is a powerful and comprehensive software removal tool that ensures programs are deleted without any leftover files. This advanced uninstaller allows users to install, test, and remove software without any concerns, providing a clean and optimized system.

Key Feature

1: Thorough Removal with Four Deletion Methods
Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 utilizes four deletion methods to ensure a more comprehensive removal than what is possible with Windows' default uninstallation process. This includes eliminating unwanted programs that may have been installed through nested installers or internet-based sideloading, ensuring a clean and secure system.

2: Elimination of Browser Extensions
The software also makes it easy to remove unwanted browser extensions, even those that browsers themselves cannot or will not list. This feature ensures a smoother browsing experience and protects users from potentially harmful extensions.

3: Installation Monitoring and Deep Cleaning Technology
Ashampoo UnInstaller 10's built-in installation monitoring technology logs all file and system modifications and completely reverses them during software removal. For installations that were not logged, the built-in database with hundreds of software profiles and Deep Cleaning technology ensure a thorough removal.

4: Snapshot Technology and Batch Removal
The program features snapshot technology that allows users to compare different system states and instantly spot modifications. Additionally, batch or drag-and-drop removal of software is also possible, making the uninstallation process even more efficient.

5: Additional Cleaning and Maintenance Modules
Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 comes with additional cleaning and maintenance modules to help keep PCs in perfect shape, including "Impact," a new module that visualizes the impact installed software has on system performance, and Unlocker to delete system-locked files. The program driver has been overhauled for greater stability, and the in-depth cleaning and uninstalling algorithms have been optimized for thoroughness.

In conclusion, Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 is the ultimate solution for removing unwanted software and maintaining a clean and optimized system. With its thorough removal methods, elimination of browser extensions, installation monitoring, snapshot technology, and additional cleaning and maintenance modules, Ashampoo UnInstaller 10 ensures a secure and well-performing PC for its users.

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Updated onMarch 23, 2022
Operating systemWindows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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March 23, 2022
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Ashampoo UnInstaller for PC
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How to download and Install Ashampoo UnInstaller on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Ashampoo UnInstaller for Windows.
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