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About Atlas OS Windows 10

Atlas OS Windows 10 is an open-source project designed to enhance gaming performance on Windows by removing negative drawbacks that affect system latency, network latency, input lag, and privacy. With its focus on performance optimization and the latest 22H2 update, Atlas OS offers a superior Windows experience for gamers and performance enthusiasts.

Key Feature

1: Improved Gaming Performance
Atlas OS Windows 10 aims to eliminate factors that negatively impact gaming performance, such as system latency, network latency, and input lag. By addressing these issues, Atlas OS ensures a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for users.

2: Enhanced Privacy
Atlas OS also focuses on maintaining user privacy while optimizing performance. This balance ensures that users can enjoy a high-performance operating system without compromising their personal information and security.

3: 22H2 Update and AME Wizard
With the 22H2 update, Atlas OS has transitioned from using NTLite and distributing an ISO image to tweaking, stripping (removing components), and debloating a live Windows installation using a new tool called AME Wizard, developed in collaboration with the Windows Ameliorated team. This update results in an even better and more streamlined operating system.

4: Customizable Performance Optimization
Atlas OS Windows 10 allows users to customize their performance optimization settings, enabling them to tailor the operating system to their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that users can achieve the ideal balance between performance and functionality.

5: Open-Source Project
As an open-source project, Atlas OS Windows 10 benefits from the contributions of a diverse community of developers and enthusiasts. This collaborative approach ensures that the operating system stays up to date with the latest performance-enhancing features and improvements.

In conclusion, Atlas OS Windows 10 is an innovative and performance-focused operating system designed to optimize gaming performance and enhance user privacy. With its improved gaming performance, enhanced privacy, 22H2 update, customizable performance optimization, and open-source nature, Atlas OS Windows 10 offers a superior and tailored Windows experience for gamers and performance enthusiasts alike.

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated onMar 20, 2024

Old Versions

Atlas OS Windows 100.7.4
Mar 20, 2024
Atlas OS Windows 100.6.5
Apr 26, 2023
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How to download and Install Atlas OS Windows 10 on Windows PC

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