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About Ava Find

Ava Find is a robust competitor to popular search tools like Google Desktop Search. Upon startup, this Microsoft Find substitute scans and stores file locations in a cache, allowing for lightning-fast search results as you type. With options to limit search results by folder or drive and specify file types, Ava Find provides outstanding real-time search capabilities. However, the program's resource-intensive nature and limited functionality in the free version are aspects worth considering.

Key Features

1.Instant Real-Time Results
Ava Find's standout feature is its ability to deliver search results instantly as you type, thanks to the cached file location data. This real-time approach enables users to quickly locate their files without any delays, making it a highly efficient search tool.

2.Search Filters
Users have the option to limit search results by folder or drive, allowing for more targeted search queries. Additionally, Ava Find allows users to specify the type of files they are looking for, such as videos, music, applications, or recent downloads. These search filters further enhance the precision and usability of the program.

3.Resource-Intensive Scanning
Ava Find performs a comprehensive scan of drives to create its cache, which results in fast search results. However, this scanning process can consume a significant amount of computing power and may slow down the PC during the scan. Similarly, stopping the scan is not supported, which may be a point of inconvenience for some users.

4.Limited Functionality in Free Version
While Ava Find offers outstanding search capabilities, certain essential features are limited to the Professional version. After 30 days, the free version restricts users from performing actions like file deletion, renaming, and other file functions directly from the search results window. To access these features, users need to consider upgrading to the Professional version.

Ava Find excels in providing instant real-time search results, with search filters to refine queries and narrow down results. However, users should be aware of the program's resource-intensive scanning process and the limited functionality in the free version. While the Professional version unlocks additional features, these limitations prevent Ava Find from achieving the highest rating.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
DeveloperThink Less Do More Services
Operating systemWindows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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How to download and Install Ava Find on Windows PC

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