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About Backup to DVD/CD/Flash

Backup To DVD/CD/Flash is an essential safeguard, protecting all the irreplaceable data on your computer. In the face of unforeseen events such as accidents or equipment failure, this robust backup solution ensures that you can swiftly restore your valuable information. The fear of total data loss with the demise of your computer is mitigated, as Backup To DVD/CD/Flash facilitates complete recovery from such calamitous scenarios.

Key Feature

1.Integrity Checks and Accessibility
A standout feature of this backup service is its proactive integrity verification. Users can check their backup discs anytime, ensuring that the data remains restorable, irrespective of the discs' age or what mishaps they might have encountered. Uniquely, the recovery process does not necessitate the backup software's presence on the computer, allowing for the use of simple tools like Windows Explorer to retrieve data. This is especially critical when faced with the need to replace a whole computer system without access to the original Backup To DVD/CD/Flash installation files.

2.Efficient Backup Management**
The versatility of Backup To DVD/CD/Flash is seen in its support for multi-disc backups, file splitting, compression for large files, and incremental backups that focus on newly altered data. It also records detailed logs for each backup, providing insight into the specifics of data preservation.

3.Automated and Customizable**
Backups can be set to run automatically according to a schedule, making it a hands-off process that can be conducted daily. The synchronization feature ensures that any changes made in selected folders on one computer are mirrored onto another, providing a coherent data scenario across multiple machines.

4.Easy Backup Plan Creation**
With a simple, Windows Explorer-like interface, creating a Backup Plan is straightforward. Users select the desired folders and files for backup with ease. For those unsure about what to back up, the built-in Wizard can search the computer and automatically suggest a Backup Plan that encompasses all critical data.

5.Adaptive Backup Plans
Backup Plans are designed to be adaptive, automatically adjusting when changes to the file system are made. This dynamic adjustment means users don't need to modify their Backup Plans manually after reorganizing their files, thereby eliminating the risk of overlooked backups.

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Backup to DVD/CD/Flash for PC
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