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About Banner Maker Pro

Banner Maker Pro is a comprehensive software tool designed to create professional-looking banner ads, web headers, buttons, animated GIFs, logos, and web graphics quickly and effortlessly. With its intuitive wizard-like interface, users can easily navigate the graphic creation process and produce impressive web graphics in minutes.

Key Features

1.Wizard-like Interface
Banner Maker Pro streamlines the graphic-making process with its wizard-like interface. Users can follow the tabs at the top of the program, going step-by-step to create stunning web graphics. This intuitive design ensures that even users with limited design experience can produce high-quality graphics with ease.

2.Wide Range of Options
The software offers a plethora of options to customize and enhance web graphics. Users can take advantage of features such as one-step animation, 3D text effects, gradients, and the ability to add their own images and logos. These options allow for creative freedom in designing eye-catching and unique graphics.

3.Rapid Graphic Creation
Banner Maker Pro enables users to quickly generate web graphics without compromising on quality. With its intuitive interface and efficient tools, users can save time and create professional-looking banners, headers, buttons, logos, and more in minutes. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who need to produce graphics for time-sensitive projects or campaigns.

4.Support for Animated GIFs
The software supports the creation of animated GIFs, allowing users to add motion and dynamism to their web graphics. Users can easily create animated banners, headers, and buttons that grab viewers' attention and engage them effectively. The ability to create animated GIFs within Banner Maker Pro eliminates the need for separate software or tools.

5.Image and Logo Customization
Banner Maker Pro allows users to personalize their graphics by incorporating their own images and logos. This feature enables users to maintain brand consistency and create cohesive web graphics that align with their unique style and identity. Customization options give users the freedom to tailor their graphics to specific requirements or branding guidelines.

Banner Maker Pro is a comprehensive software solution for creating professional-looking web graphics efficiently. With its wizard-like interface, wide range of options, rapid graphic creation, support for animated GIFs, and image and logo customization, Banner Maker Pro empowers users to design visually captivating banners, headers, buttons, logos, and web graphics for various purposes.

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Updated onMarch 8, 2012
Operating systemWindows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Old Versions

Banner Maker Pro9.0
March 8, 2012
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Banner Maker Pro for PC
Create banner ads, web buttons, logos and other web graphics with an easy to use interface.
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