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About Barony: Legends & Pariahs

Barony: Legends & Pariahs is an expansion pack for the base game Barony, a first-person roguelike RPG available on Steam. This expansion introduces new challenges, characters, and lore, enhancing the original game's immersive medieval fantasy setting. Players must have the base game installed to access this content, which promises to deliver deeper gameplay experiences through additional quests, enemies, and environments.

Features of Barony: Legends & Pariahs

- New Characters: Introduces a roster of new playable characters, each with unique abilities and backstories.

- Enhanced Lore: Expands the narrative of Barony, providing more depth and context to the game's world and its inhabitants.

- Additional Quests: Offers new storylines and side quests that enrich the player's journey through the game.

- Varied Environments: Features new and diverse settings, from mysterious forests to ancient ruins, adding variety to the exploration aspect of the game.

- Tougher Enemies: Presents more challenging foes and bosses, requiring players to strategize and adapt their gameplay tactics.

Release Date of Barony: Legends & Pariahs

27 Dec, 2019

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on27 Dec, 2019
DeveloperTurning Wheel LLC