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About Batman - The Telltale Series

Batman - The Telltale Series is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game that delves deep into the complex life of Bruce Wayne and his dual identity as the Dark Knight. Developed by Telltale Games, this series offers a narrative-driven experience where players make critical choices that impact the story's direction and the relationships between key characters in the Batman universe.

Features of Batman - The Telltale Series

- Dual Identity Exploration: Players navigate through the intricate lives of both Bruce Wayne and Batman, experiencing how their actions as one persona affect the other.

- Choice-Driven Narrative: The game emphasizes player choice, with decisions made throughout the series having significant and lasting impacts on the storyline and character interactions.

- Emotional Depth: Delve into the psychological struggles of Bruce Wayne, exploring themes of trauma, responsibility, and the duality of heroism.

- Interactive Storytelling: Utilizing Telltale's signature narrative style, the game blends cinematic visuals with interactive elements to create a compelling and immersive story.

Release Date of Batman - The Telltale Series

2 Aug, 2016

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on2 Aug, 2016
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