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About Ben and Ed

Ben and Ed is a unique 3D platformer that thrusts players into the role of Ed, a resilient zombie who finds himself coerced into participating in a twisted game show named 'Rundead'. The game's narrative revolves around Ed's desperate attempts to navigate through a series of increasingly difficult and bizarre obstacles, all orchestrated by the sinister Hans Showmaster. The ultimate goal is to save his best friend, Ben, from the clutches of this macabre competition. With its dark humor and challenging gameplay, Ben and Ed offers a fresh take on the platforming genre.

Features of Ben and Ed

- Grotesque Game Show Setting: Players navigate through a series of surreal and challenging stages set in a darkly humorous game show environment.

- Dynamic Obstacles: Ed must overcome a variety of dynamic and increasingly complex obstacles, each designed to test his agility and resolve.

- Unique Character Control: Control Ed the Zombie, utilizing his unique abilities to jump, dodge, and maneuver through the game's treacherous levels.

- Story-Driven Motivation: The gameplay is driven by a compelling story of friendship and survival, adding depth to the platforming challenges.

- Dark Humor and Atmosphere: The game combines challenging gameplay with a darkly comedic tone, creating a distinctive and engaging atmosphere.

Release Date of Ben and Ed

8 Dec, 2015

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on8 Dec, 2015