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About BlazBlue Centralfiction

BlazBlue: Centralfiction is the latest installment in the BlazBlue series, a unique blend of 2D fighting gameplay and visual novel storytelling. This game marks the conclusion of the Azure Saga, delving deep into the lore and revealing the hidden truths of its intricate world. With a dedicated fan base and a rich history, Centralfiction continues to captivate players with its engaging narrative and dynamic fighting mechanics.

Features of BlazBlue Centralfiction

- Conclusive Narrative: Serves as the final chapter in the Azure Saga, providing closure and unveiling the mysteries of the BlazBlue universe.

- 2D Fighting Mechanics: Offers refined and competitive 2D fighting gameplay, appealing to both casual players and hardcore enthusiasts.

- Rich Storytelling: Combines visual novel elements to enrich the narrative, allowing players to connect deeply with the characters and their journeys.

- Diverse Character Roster: Features a wide array of characters, each with unique abilities and story arcs, providing variety and depth in both combat and storytelling.

Release Date of BlazBlue Centralfiction

26 Apr, 2017

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on26 Apr, 2017
DeveloperArc System Works
LanguagesEnglish,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese