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About Blood™ Fresh Supply

Blood™ Fresh Supply is a remastered version of the classic first-person shooter, Blood, originally released in 1997. Set in a dark, Lovecraftian universe, players assume the role of Caleb, a vengeful spirit seeking to destroy the evil god Tchernobog. The game is known for its intense action, atmospheric horror, and dark humor, making it a cult favorite among fans of the genre.

Features of Blood™ Fresh Supply

- Extensive Campaign: Engage in a lengthy campaign spanning 42 levels, each filled with unique challenges and enemies.

- Diverse Enemies: Face off against a variety of foes including cultists, zombies, gargoyles, and hellhounds, each with distinct behaviors and attacks.

- Atmospheric Horror: Experience a deeply immersive atmosphere, reminiscent of Lovecraftian horror, with detailed environments and eerie soundscapes.

- Classic Gameplay: Enjoy the original gameplay mechanics with modern enhancements, including improved graphics and compatibility with contemporary systems.

Release Date of Blood™ Fresh Supply

9 May, 2019

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on9 May, 2019
DeveloperNightdive Studios