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About Bloody Knuckles Street Boxing

Bloody Knuckles Street Boxing is an electrifying sports game that blends the traditional art of boxing with the raw, gritty atmosphere of urban street culture. Players step into the shoes of a street-smart fighter, navigating through a series of intense bouts in various urban settings, each with its own unique challenges and crowd dynamics. The game promises to deliver a realistic boxing experience with a modern twist, emphasizing strategy, skill, and the relentless spirit of street fighters.

Features of Bloody Knuckles Street Boxing

- Realistic Boxing Mechanics: Engage in authentic boxing matches with a deep control system that allows for a variety of punches, blocks, and dodges.

- Dynamic Environments: Fight in diverse street locations, each with its own set of obstacles and crowd interactions that can influence the outcome of the fight.

- Character Customization: Personalize your fighter with a range of outfits, tattoos, and fighting styles to reflect your unique street persona.

- Story-Driven Campaign: Follow a compelling narrative that explores the lives and motivations of street boxers, providing a rich backdrop to the action-packed fights.

Release Date of Bloody Knuckles Street Boxing

2 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on2 Jun, 2024