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About Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is a highly acclaimed tower defense game that continues the legacy of the popular Bloons series. Players are tasked with defending their territory by strategically placing and upgrading towers to pop incoming waves of colorful, balloon-like enemies known as Bloons. This installment brings the action to full HD graphics, offering a visually enhanced experience with increased depth and replayability.

Features of Bloons TD 5

- Full HD Graphics: Experience the Bloons invasion in stunning high definition, enhancing the visual appeal and gameplay immersion.

- Strategic Tower Building: Construct a variety of towers with unique abilities and upgrade paths to tailor your defense strategy.

- Special Agents: Hire and deploy Special Agents to assist in your defense, adding a new layer of strategic depth to the game.

- Unrivaled Replayability: With numerous levels, challenges, and a wide array of tower and upgrade combinations, Bloons TD 5 offers endless gameplay possibilities.

Release Date of Bloons TD 5

19 Nov, 2014

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on19 Nov, 2014
DeveloperNinja Kiwi
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