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Boomerang Fu - Just Desserts DLC For PC

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About Boomerang Fu - Just Desserts DLC

Boomerang Fu - Just Desserts DLC is an expansion pack for the base game Boomerang Fu, a cooperative and competitive multiplayer game where players control cute, yet deadly, characters using boomerangs to slice and dice their way through various levels. The Just Desserts DLC introduces new content that enhances the gameplay experience with additional challenges, characters, and environments themed around desserts and sweet treats.

Features of Boomerang Fu - Just Desserts DLC

- New Characters: Introduces several new playable characters, each with unique abilities and designs inspired by desserts.

- New Levels: Adds new dessert-themed levels that are visually vibrant and filled with new obstacles and enemies.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Features new gameplay mechanics and power-ups that add variety and depth to the base game's combat and strategy.

- Customization Options: Offers new cosmetic items and skins for players to customize their characters and boomerangs.

Release Date of Boomerang Fu - Just Desserts DLC

11 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on11 Jun, 2024
DeveloperCranky Watermelon
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