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About Boons & Burdens

Boons & Burdens is an exhilarating single-player action-roguelike game that plunges players into the infernal depths of hell. The game challenges players to navigate through 12 grueling levels, each teeming with hordes of demons. Players must strategically collect gems to acquire powerful boons that enhance their abilities, while also making critical choices from a selection of deadly burdens that increase the game's difficulty. The narrative thrusts players into a moral quandary: will they strive to become the epitome of power, or will they engineer their own downfall by embracing the burdens?

Features of Boons & Burdens

- Hellish Setting: Set in the depths of hell, the game offers a dark and immersive environment filled with menacing demons and treacherous landscapes.

- Strategic Boons: Players collect gems to purchase powerful boons, each providing unique enhancements that can dramatically alter gameplay strategies.

- Deadly Burdens: The option to choose from deadly burdens adds a layer of complexity, allowing players to customize the difficulty and challenge of the game.

- 12 Levels of Challenge: The game is divided into 12 levels, each progressively more difficult, ensuring a sustained challenge and engagement throughout the gameplay.

- Moral Dilemma: The game presents players with a philosophical choice between becoming a paragon of power or the architect of their own defeat, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Release Date of Boons & Burdens

26 Feb, 2024

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on26 Feb, 2024