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About Boris and the Dark Survival

Boris and the Dark Survival is a top-down survival horror game set in the eerie and twisted world of Joey Drew Studios. Players take on the role of Boris, a lone wolf-like character, navigating through the dark and mysterious environments filled with danger and suspense. This game is a spin-off from the Bendy series, known for its atmospheric tension and unique art style.

Features of Boris and the Dark Survival

- Atmospheric Horror: Navigate through a hauntingly detailed world that combines ink-like visuals with a chilling soundtrack to create a deeply immersive horror experience.

- Top-Down Perspective: Play from a top-down view, providing a unique vantage point that enhances the sense of isolation and vulnerability as you explore the depths of Joey Drew Studios.

- Challenging Survival Mechanics: Manage resources and make strategic decisions to survive against the lurking threats, emphasizing the survival aspect of the game.

Release Date of Boris and the Dark Survival

10 Feb, 2020

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on10 Feb, 2020
DeveloperJoey Drew Studios