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About Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Breakaway Audio Enhancer is a high-quality audio enhancement system designed to revolutionize your listening experience on your PC. Created by the same team behind Volume Logic, this powerful software enhances the sound quality of all PC audio, including music, movies, and other media. With its multi-band audio processing and detailed metering, Breakaway Audio Enhancer brings out the best in your audio and ensures consistent and immersive sound.

Key Features

1. Broadcast Quality Sound Enhancement
Breakaway Audio Enhancer delivers broadcast-quality sound enhancement, elevating the audio quality of all your PC audio. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying other media, this software ensures the highest level of quality, consistency, and depth in your audio experience.

2. Multi-Band Audio Processing
Equipped with multi-band audio processing, Breakaway Audio Enhancer enhances the punch and balance of your audio. It intelligently processes the audio across different frequency bands, bringing out the nuances and richness in the sound, and ensuring an optimized audio experience.

3. Detailed and Authentic Metering
With detailed and authentic metering, Breakaway Audio Enhancer allows you to visually see the audio enhancement in action. You can monitor the audio levels, dynamics, and other parameters in real-time, giving you a deeper understanding of how the software enhances your audio output.

4. Easy Volume Control
Gone are the days of constantly reaching for the volume control. Breakaway Audio Enhancer automatically adjusts the volume of your audio, ensuring that quiet tracks are brought up to an appropriate level and loud tracks are balanced without distortion. This feature allows you to sit back and enjoy an optimized and consistent sonic experience.

5. User-Friendly Interface and Setup Wizards
Breakaway Audio Enhancer provides a fully sizable and dockable interface, giving you the flexibility to customize its placement on your screen. Additionally, the software offers setup wizards that help you optimize and fine-tune the performance of the system, ensuring you achieve the best audio quality possible.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer enhances the sound quality of your PC audio, providing a broadcast-quality experience across all media players. With its multi-band audio processing, detailed metering, and automatic volume adjustment, it brings out the full potential of your audio. Its user-friendly interface and setup wizards further enhance the overall user experience. Enjoy sonic bliss and immerse yourself in an optimized listening experience with Breakaway Audio Enhancer.

Reviewed by Claesson Edwards Audio


Updated onJune 30, 2016
DeveloperClaesson Edwards Audio
Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7

Old Versions

Breakaway Audio Enhancer1.40.03
June 30, 2016
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Breakaway Audio Enhancer icon
Breakaway Audio Enhancer for PC
Enhance the quality of your PC audio and enjoy better consistency and depth of your music and movies.
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How to download and Install Breakaway Audio Enhancer on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Breakaway Audio Enhancer for Windows.
  • Open the .exe installation file in the Downloads folder and double click it.
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to install Breakaway Audio Enhancer on Windows PC.
  • Now you can open and run Breakaway Audio Enhancer on Windows PC.