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About Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend is an innovative action-adventure game that blends intense action combat with the freedom of an open-world environment. Set in a unique universe that draws inspiration from both the epic fantasy of Lord of the Rings and the satirical humor of Spinal Tap, the game offers a fresh perspective on the action/driving genre. Players navigate through a world filled with imitation cover bands, menacing demons aiming to enslave humanity, and a soundtrack dominated by heavy metal tunes.

Features of Brutal Legend

- Visceral Action Combat: Engage in thrilling combat scenarios that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes, all set to the backdrop of heavy metal music.

- Open-World Freedom: Explore a vast, detailed world that encourages exploration and discovery, with multiple paths and secrets to uncover.

- Unique Setting: Experience a game universe that combines elements of high fantasy and rock 'n' roll satire, creating a distinctive and memorable backdrop for the adventure.

- Driving Mechanics: Utilize a variety of vehicles to traverse the open world, each designed with a heavy metal aesthetic and capable of handling different terrains and combat situations.

- Rich Storytelling: Follow an engaging narrative led by a cast of memorable characters, each contributing to the game's overarching theme of rebellion against tyranny.

- Dynamic Soundtrack: Enjoy a constantly evolving soundtrack that features iconic heavy metal tracks, enhancing the overall gameplay experience with its powerful and energetic vibe.

Release Date of Brutal Legend

26 Feb, 2013

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on26 Feb, 2013
DeveloperDouble Fine Productions
LanguagesEnglish,German,French,Italian,Spanish - Spain