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About BurnOn CD&DVD

BurnOn CD&DVD is a comprehensive burning and mastering application designed for creating, backing up, and duplicating CD and DVD media. With its diverse range of features, BurnOn CD&DVD provides users with the flexibility to create their own compilations, extract data and audio tracks, and perform 1:1 backups of unencrypted discs.

Key Features

1. CD/DVD Backup and Duplication
BurnOn CD&DVD allows users to perform 1:1 backups and duplications of unencrypted CD and DVD media. This feature ensures that users can create exact copies of their discs, providing a reliable method for data preservation or sharing.

2. DVD Video Movie Splitting
Users can utilize BurnOn CD&DVD to split DVD video movies, enabling them to divide lengthy videos into more manageable segments. This feature is useful for organizing or customizing DVD content according to personal preferences.

3. Custom Compilation Creation
The application enables users to create their own data, audio, and video CD/DVD compilations. Users have the freedom to select and combine various files and formats to tailor their CDs or DVDs to specific needs, whether it's creating a data backup or compiling a personalized audio or video disc.

4. Data and Audio Extraction
BurnOn CD&DVD provides the capability to extract data and audio tracks from CD/DVD media and save them as individual files on the hard disk. This feature allows users to conveniently archive or repurpose data and audio content from their discs, providing versatility in managing and organizing their media.

5.Bug Fixing Release (Version 3.1.3)
Version 3.1.3 of BurnOn CD&DVD is focused on resolving known issues and improving the overall stability and performance of the software. This bug fixing release ensures a smoother and more reliable burning experience for users.

In summary, BurnOn CD&DVD is a comprehensive burning and mastering application that allows users to create, backup, and duplicate CD and DVD media. With features such as CD/DVD backup and duplication, DVD video movie splitting, custom compilation creation, and data and audio extraction, BurnOn CD&DVD provides the tools necessary for managing and manipulating optical discs. Additionally, the bug fixing release of version 3.1.3 ensures a more stable and efficient experience for users, improving the overall performance of the software.

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Updated onAugust 24, 2012
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