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About Call to Arms

Call to Arms is a unique blend of real-time strategy and immersive first and third-person shooter gameplay. Set against the backdrop of modern warfare, players are tasked with commanding troops and utilizing a variety of realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry to achieve victory. Whether strategizing from a command perspective or diving into the heat of battle, Call to Arms offers a dynamic and engaging experience for both strategy enthusiasts and action game fans.

Features of Call to Arms

- Innovative Gameplay Mix: Combines real-time strategy with first and third-person action, allowing players to switch between commanding troops and engaging in combat directly.

- Realistic Modeling: Features meticulously designed vehicles and heavy weaponry that reflect the complexity and scale of modern warfare.

- Dual Action Modes: Offers players the choice to command from a strategic vantage point or to fight in the thick of battle, enhancing both tactical depth and personal engagement.

Release Date of Call to Arms

27 Apr, 2018

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on27 Apr, 2018
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