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About Capcom Fighting Collection

Capcom Fighting Collection is a comprehensive anthology that brings together ten of Capcom's most iconic arcade fighting games into one package. This collection spans various beloved franchises, including Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, offering fans a chance to relive classic moments and discover lesser-known gems like Cyberbots and the inaugural home console release of Red Earth. With the inclusion of online play, players can now engage in competitive matches with others from around the globe, making this collection a must-have for both nostalgic gamers and newcomers to the fighting game genre.

Features of Capcom Fighting Collection

- Diverse Game Selection: A mix of well-known and niche titles from Capcom's arcade history, catering to a wide range of fighting game enthusiasts.

- Online Play: All games support online multiplayer, allowing players to challenge others worldwide and maintain the competitive spirit of the arcade.

- Historical Significance: Includes the first home console port of Red Earth, providing a unique piece of gaming history to collectors and fans of the genre.

- Quality of Life Improvements: Modern conveniences such as save states and rewind features for mastering difficult sequences and enjoying the games at your own pace.

Release Date of Capcom Fighting Collection

23 Jun, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on23 Jun, 2022
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
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