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About Carmageddon - GTA IV

Carmageddon - GTA IV is a unique and entertaining mod for the popular Grand Theft Auto IV game, bringing the chaos and excitement of the classic Carmageddon to the streets of Liberty City. This mod transforms the game's experience, offering players a chance to enjoy a different and hilarious game mode while navigating the city in various vehicles.

Key Feature

1: Chaotic Vehicle Action
With the Carmageddon - GTA IV mod, all the cars in the game go haywire and attempt to destroy your vehicle. This adds a new layer of excitement and challenge as players must navigate the streets filled with crazed drivers trying to take them down.

2: Variety of Vehicles
Players can choose from a wide range of vehicles to use in the mod, including motorcycles, cars, and trucks. This variety ensures that players can find the perfect vehicle to suit their play style and preferences while navigating the chaotic streets.

3: Independent Game Mode
Carmageddon - GTA IV is a standalone mod that does not affect the original game's story, graphics, or playability. This means players can enjoy the mod without interfering with their progress in the main game, offering a unique and entertaining experience separate from the primary storyline.

4: Easy Activation and Deactivation
The mod can be easily turned on and off with the push of a button, allowing players to switch between the Carmageddon mode and the original game mode effortlessly. This feature ensures that players can enjoy the mod whenever they want without any hassle.

5: Humorous and Fun Gameplay
Carmageddon - GTA IV offers a hilarious and entertaining game mode that adds a new dimension of fun to the Grand Theft Auto IV experience. Players can enjoy the chaotic vehicle action and the challenge of surviving on the streets of Liberty City while evading crazed drivers.

In conclusion, Carmageddon - GTA IV is an entertaining and unique mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that brings the excitement of the classic Carmageddon game to Liberty City. With its chaotic vehicle action, variety of vehicles, independent game mode, easy activation and deactivation, and humorous gameplay, this mod offers a fresh and enjoyable experience for fans of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated onJul 29, 2013

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How to download and Install Carmageddon - GTA IV on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Carmageddon - GTA IV for Windows.
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