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About CARRION Deluxe Edition Content

CARRION Deluxe Edition Content is an expansion for the base game CARRION, a reverse horror game where you play as the monstrous antagonist. In this unique title, players control a growing, amorphous creature of unknown origin, wreaking havoc and consuming everything in its path. The Deluxe Edition adds additional content to enhance the base game experience, offering new challenges and rewards for those who have already conquered the original release.

Features of CARRION Deluxe Edition Content

- New Levels: Explore additional, intricately designed levels that push the boundaries of the original game's environments.

- Enhanced Abilities: Unlock and upgrade new abilities that allow for more strategic and destructive gameplay.

- Exclusive Content: Access exclusive art, music, and behind-the-scenes content that delves deeper into the game's development and lore.

- Improved Gameplay Mechanics: Experience refined controls and gameplay mechanics that enhance the overall player experience.

Release Date of CARRION Deluxe Edition Content

30 Oct, 2020

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on30 Oct, 2020
DeveloperPhobia Game Studio