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About Cat Quest

Cat Quest is a multi award-winning Action RPG that has garnered comparisons to 'Diablo with Cats' and 'Super-cute Skyrim'. This game takes players on a loot-fuelled adventure in a world where cats are the protagonists. Known for its beautifully crafted environments and ultra-satisfying combat and magic systems, Cat Quest has been universally adored by critics, promising a gaming experience that will leave players purring with joy.

Features of Cat Quest

- Engaging Combat System: Featuring fast-paced, responsive combat that keeps players on their toes.

- Magical Abilities: Players can harness a variety of magical spells, adding depth and strategy to battles.

- Charming Aesthetic: With a super-cute art style and a world filled with feline characters, the game offers a visually appealing experience.

- Loot-Fuelled Adventure: Encourages exploration and combat through the promise of new and better gear.

- Universal Acclaim: Praised by critics for its balance of simplicity and depth, making it accessible yet challenging.

Release Date of Cat Quest

8 Aug, 2017

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on8 Aug, 2017
DeveloperThe Gentlebros
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