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About Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II is an open-world action-RPG that continues the whimsical adventures of its feline and canine protagonists. As a sequel to the award-winning original, this game invites players to explore a fantastical realm where cats and dogs coexist, engaging in quests, magic, and combat. Players can embark on this adventure either solo or with a friend, taking on the roles of both a cat and a dog, and delving into a world rich with monsters, loot, and magical encounters.

Features of Cat Quest II

- Dual Protagonists: Play as both a cat and a dog, each with unique abilities and roles in the story.

- Co-op Mode: Enjoy the adventure with a friend, either locally or online, enhancing the collaborative experience.

- Open-World Exploration: Traverse a vast and detailed world filled with diverse landscapes and hidden secrets.

- Magic and Combat: Engage in dynamic battles using a variety of magical skills and combat techniques.

- Loot Collection: Gather a plethora of items and equipment to customize and upgrade your characters.

- Whimsical Storyline: Immerse yourself in a light-hearted narrative set in a charming universe where cats and dogs rule.

Release Date of Cat Quest II

24 Sep, 2019

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on24 Sep, 2019
DeveloperThe Gentlebros
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