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About CDRWin

CDRWin is a versatile CD recording software that offers a wide range of features to support various disc formats and provide custom control over the disc layout. With its support for digital audio, CD-ROM, CD-I, mixed-mode, and multi-session discs, as well as advanced features such as Cue Sheet scripting language, disc backup utility, and ISO9660 disc mastering, CDRWin is an ideal solution for users who require a powerful and flexible CD recording tool.

Key Feature

1: Support for Various Disc Formats
CDRWin supports a wide range of disc formats, including digital audio, CD-ROM (Mode 1), CD-ROM-XA (Mode 2), CD-I, mixed-mode, and multi-session discs. This extensive format support ensures that users can work with various types of discs and create custom CD projects with ease.

2: Cue Sheet Scripting Language
The software features the Cue Sheet scripting language, which allows users to have custom control over the disc layout. This feature enables users to create precise and customized disc layouts according to their specific needs and requirements.

3: Disc Backup Utility
CDRWin includes a disc backup utility that preserves the exact layout of the original disc, including all subcode information. This feature ensures that users can create accurate backups of their CDs, maintaining the integrity of the original disc layout.

4: ISO9660 Disc Mastering and Bootable CD-ROM Support
The software offers ISO9660 disc mastering and bootable CD-ROM support, enabling users to create professional-quality CDs that are compatible with various systems and devices. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to create bootable discs for system recovery or software installation purposes.

5: Support for Karaoke CD+G and CD-Text Discs
CDRWin also supports Karaoke CD+G and CD-Text discs, as well as disc UPC and track ISRC numbers (on most recorders). This added functionality makes CDRWin a versatile and comprehensive CD recording solution for various user needs.

In conclusion, CDRWin is a powerful and flexible CD recording software that offers support for various disc formats, custom control over disc layout, disc backup utility, ISO9660 disc mastering, and support for Karaoke CD+G and CD-Text discs. With its wide range of features and capabilities, CDRWin is an ideal solution for users who require a versatile CD recording tool for their projects.

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Updated onSeptember 27, 2010
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September 27, 2010
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