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About CheetaChat

CheetaChat is a standalone chat client for Windows that offers a wide range of features designed to enhance your chatting experience. With the ability to play WAV files, customize emoticons and macros, save chat transcripts, and use unique text effects, CheetaChat provides a fun and engaging platform for communication. Its customizable interface, integrated web browser, and full "smiley" support further contribute to a user-friendly and enjoyable chatting environment.

Key Feature
1: Customizable Emoticons and Macros

CheetaChat allows users to customize emoticons and macros, adding a personal touch to their chat sessions. This feature enables users to express themselves more creatively and effectively while engaging in conversations.

2: Chat Transcripts and Text Effects

The software enables users to save transcripts of their chat sessions in RTF or TXT format, ensuring that important conversations can be easily accessed and reviewed later. CheetaChat also offers unique text effects, such as backward writing and alternating caps, providing users with fun and engaging ways to communicate within the chat interface.

3: Integrated Web Browser and Smiley Support

CheetaChat features its own integrated web browser, allowing users to browse the internet without leaving the chat client. Additionally, the software offers full "smiley" support, enabling users to incorporate a wide range of emoticons into their conversations for a more expressive and enjoyable chatting experience.

4: Microsoft Agent Technology and Customizable Personalities

The software utilizes Microsoft Agent technology, enabling Yahoo Chat and iChat to speak to users through customizable personalities. This feature adds an extra layer of interactivity and personalization to the chat experience, making it even more engaging and enjoyable.

5: Additional Features and Customizable Interface

CheetaChat offers a variety of additional features, including file-transfer capabilities, a text fader with a graphical color selector, a macro editor with built-in coloring tools and preview capabilities, integrated friends management, and support for secured rooms. The software's customizable interface ensures that users can tailor the chat client to their preferences, creating a personalized and comfortable chatting environment.

In conclusion, CheetaChat is a feature-rich and user-friendly standalone chat client for Windows that offers a wide range of customizable options and tools to enhance the chatting experience. With its customizable emoticons and macros, chat transcripts and text effects, integrated web browser and smiley support, Microsoft Agent technology and customizable personalities, and additional features and customizable interface, CheetaChat provides an engaging and enjoyable platform for communication and interaction.

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Updated onNovember 5, 2009
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT

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November 5, 2009
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