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About Cold Waters

Cold Waters is a modern naval warfare simulation game that serves as a spiritual successor to the classic Microprose title 'Red Storm Rising'. Set in the tense atmosphere of the Cold War, players take command of a nuclear submarine, navigating the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. The game captures the strategic depth and realism of its predecessor, offering a tense and immersive experience as players engage in stealth operations, missile launches, and high-stakes confrontations with enemy forces.

Features of Cold Waters

- Realistic Simulation: Emulates the tactical and strategic challenges of submarine warfare with detailed physics and AI behavior.

- Dynamic Campaign: Offers a non-linear campaign mode where player decisions impact the course of the conflict and the global political landscape.

- Authentic Equipment: Features a variety of real-world submarines and weapons systems, providing an authentic representation of Cold War-era naval technology.

- Multiplayer Mode: Allows players to compete or cooperate with others in online scenarios, enhancing the replayability and social aspects of the game.

Release Date of Cold Waters

5 Jun, 2017

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on5 Jun, 2017
DeveloperKillerfish Games