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About College Bowl

College Bowl is a stimulating trivia game that immerses players in the high-stakes environment of a college quiz bowl competition. This game challenges participants with a wide array of questions spanning various academic disciplines, aiming to test their knowledge and quick thinking skills. With its competitive format and educational content, College Bowl offers an engaging way to learn and compete.

Features of College Bowl

- Diverse Question Categories: Covers a wide range of subjects including history, science, literature, and more.

- Competitive Gameplay: Mimics the real-time pressure of a quiz bowl with fast-paced rounds and buzzer challenges.

- Educational Focus: Designed to enhance learning and retention of academic knowledge through interactive gameplay.

- Multiplayer Mode: Supports team-based play, encouraging collaboration and strategic thinking among players.

Release Date of College Bowl

20 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on20 Jun, 2024
DeveloperSuper Pixel Games