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About CommView

CommView is a powerful network monitor and analyzer that caters to LAN administrators, security professionals, network programmers, and home users. With its extensive range of features, CommView provides users with a complete view of the traffic flowing through a PC or LAN segment. Combining performance, flexibility, and industry-leading ease of use, this application captures every packet on the wire to deliver vital information such as packet lists, network connections, statistics, protocol distribution charts, and more.

Key Features

1.In-Depth Packet Analysis
CommView captures and analyzes every packet transmitted on the network, allowing users to gain deep insights into network traffic. It provides a comprehensive list of captured packets along with detailed protocol decodes down to the lowest layer. With support for over 70 widespread protocols, users can analyze each packet thoroughly, enabling them to identify network problems, troubleshoot software and hardware, and ensure optimal network performance.

2.Flexible Packet Management
CommView offers a range of options for managing captured packets. Users can examine, save, filter, import, and export captured packets to facilitate further analysis or sharing of data with colleagues or clients. This flexibility in packet management enables efficient collaboration, simplifies troubleshooting, and supports seamless integration with other network tools and solutions.

3.Real-Time Statistics and Protocol Distribution Charts
With CommView, users have access to real-time statistics that provide a comprehensive overview of network activity. This includes information on the number of packets, bytes, and errors, as well as detailed protocol distribution charts showcasing the usage and distribution of different network protocols. These statistics and charts enable quick identification of network trends, abnormal behavior, and potential bottlenecks, helping users optimize network performance and security.

4.VoIP Analysis and Recording
CommView incorporates a specialized VoIP analyzer that allows for in-depth analysis, recording, and playback of voice communications using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and H.323 protocols. This feature enables network administrators and security professionals to monitor and troubleshoot VoIP traffic, ensuring its smooth operation and quality.

CommView is a powerful network monitoring and analysis tool that provides users with invaluable insights into network traffic. By capturing and analyzing every packet, offering flexible packet management options, displaying real-time statistics and protocol distribution charts, and incorporating a specialized VoIP analyzer, CommView equips users with the necessary tools to diagnose network issues, optimize performance, and ensure the smooth operation of their networks.

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Updated onApril 29, 2013
Operating systemWindows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP

Old Versions

CommView6.5 build 732
April 29, 2013
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CommView for PC
Monitor and analyze data moving through any Ethernet network.
6.5 build 732
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