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About Content Warning

Content Warning is a thrilling horror-themed game where players aim to film their friends engaging in frightening activities to gain fame on the fictional platform SpöökTube. The game emphasizes the importance of not venturing alone into these eerie scenarios, suggesting a cooperative or competitive multiplayer experience. Set in a chilling environment, Content Warning challenges players to capture the most spine-tingling moments while navigating through a series of scary situations.

Features of Content Warning

- Horror-Themed Gameplay: Engage in a game that revolves around capturing and sharing terrifying experiences.

- SpöökTube Integration: Players aim to become famous by uploading their scary videos to the game's virtual platform, SpöökTube.

- Multiplayer Dynamics: Encourages group play, either cooperatively or competitively, to enhance the horror experience and safety.

- Chilling Environments: Navigate through a series of eerie and atmospheric settings designed to frighten and thrill players.

Release Date of Content Warning

1 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on1 Apr, 2024