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About Contraband Police

Contraband Police is a simulation game that immerses players in the role of a border guard in a fictional communist country during the 1980s. The game challenges players to meticulously inspect vehicles and their contents, ensuring that no contraband slips through the borders. With a focus on realism and attention to detail, Contraband Police offers a unique blend of strategy and detective work, making it a standout title in the simulation genre.

Features of Contraband Police

- Realistic Inspections: Players must conduct thorough checks on vehicles, including searching for hidden compartments and verifying documents.

- Historical Setting: Set in the 1980s, the game captures the atmosphere of a communist country, with references to the political and social context of the era.

- Dynamic Challenges: Each shift presents new challenges and potential threats, requiring players to adapt their strategies and decision-making skills.

- Moral Dilemmas: Players face ethical choices that can impact the outcome of the game, adding depth to the narrative and gameplay.

Release Date of Contraband Police

8 Mar, 2023

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on8 Mar, 2023
DeveloperCrazy Rocks
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