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About Corel PhotoImpact

Corel PhotoImpact is a feature-rich photo editing software designed to cater to the needs of photographers and web designers who require a more affordable alternative to high-end packages like Photoshop. While it may not be as powerful as the most elaborate photo-editing packages, Corel PhotoImpact offers a wide range of tools, effects, and ready-made elements for creative projects.

Key Feature
1: Comprehensive Editing Tools and Effects

Corel PhotoImpact provides a variety of textures, frames, effects, animations, and brushes that allow users to enhance their photos and create stunning visual designs. Positioned between Adobe Elements and Photoshop, PhotoImpact delivers the essential editing tools and effects that most users require for their projects.

2: User-Friendly Interface

The application features a user-friendly interface with wizard dialogs that enable users to instantly create attractive and functional web-page objects, such as buttons, image maps, bullets, and backgrounds. The program also supports working with layers, providing users with greater flexibility and control over their designs.

3: Customizable Workspace Layouts

PhotoImpact allows users to quickly switch among workspace layouts, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced users. For instance, beginners can display only the controls for basic editing, while more advanced users can access a comprehensive set of tools and panels.

4: Main Docked Panel

The software's main docked panel is a unique feature that can hold all other panels, enabling users to quickly hide and show them as needed. This streamlined approach to panel management allows for a more efficient and organized workspace, enhancing the overall user experience.

5: Affordable Alternative to High-End Packages

Corel PhotoImpact serves as a significantly cheaper alternative to more expensive photo-editing packages, such as Photoshop. This makes it an appealing option for photographers and web designers who require powerful graphics software without the hefty price tag.

In conclusion, Corel PhotoImpact is a powerful and user-friendly photo-editing software that offers a wide range of tools and effects for photographers and web designers. With its comprehensive editing capabilities, customizable workspace layouts, and affordable pricing, PhotoImpact is an attractive option for users seeking a cost-effective alternative to high-end photo-editing packages.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Windows XP, Windows Vista

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Corel PhotoImpact for PC
Edit digital photos and create eye-catching 3D graphics, special effects, and Web pages.
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